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How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

How to choose the right shampoo for your hair type

With so many shampoo brands on the market, how do you know you are choosing the right

shampoo for your hair type?

The first thing I want to point out is that your hair does not know what gender you are or the color of your skin. So purchasing products purely because they are branded and marketed to your skin shade or gender is not a surefire way to ensure you are using the right shampoo. For example, men's shampoos like Suavecito or American Crew are great products, but if a woman loves the smell and it matches her hair care and scalp needs she can use it.

You will also hear comments like Shampoo is for the scalp, not the hair. And while this is true it will still touch your hair in the process of shampooing your scalp. This is why it is important to take into consideration both your hair and scalp while choosing your shampoo. This is also why I cringe when Doctors put someone on some of the nastiest medical shampoos. They may be great for clearing up what is going on with the scalp, but in the process, they dry out and damage the hair.

Understand Your Hair Type; Ask Your Hairstylist

Ask Your Hairstylist about which Shampoo You Should Use

So what are things you should be looking at when purchasing a shampoo? The first thing is to understand your hair type and if you are having issues with this, ask your hairstylist. Just because someone has curly hair doesn't mean it's thick and coarse. And just because it's straight hair doesn't mean it's fine and limp. When greys come in they can also be a different texture so now we are treating more combination hair. Your hairstylist is always the best person to ask when determining what hair type you really have. And while we are not Doctors and can not diagnose your scalp condition we have a very good understanding of what things look like and ways to treat them.

Your hair stylist is the expert on your hair and the products he or she has chosen to carry in their salon. Even if they didn't choose those products the owner has educated them on the line they carry. Your hairstylist should always be the first person you ask, not the friend on Facebook who thinks they know because you both have curly hair. Remember what I said before not all curls are the same, and I see tons of bad advice given all the time on Facebook.

What Chemical Services Are You Doing To Your Hair?

What Chemical Services are you doing to your hair helps determine your shampoo

Other things you need to consider, is what you are doing to your hair. If you are having any sort of chemical services done you will want to make sure you consider this. Now let me also mention that just because a Shampoo is labeled "Color Care" does not mean it is the best shampoo for your color-treated hair. Most color care shampoos are not hydrating enough for someone who has dry fizzy hair.

Also if you are doing a lot of chemical services to your hair it will be important

that you treat your hair with deep conditioners but that's a topic for another day.

If you are experiencing a lot of breakage from previous chemical services then a Protien type shampoo and conditioner might be the best for you to use. But if the breakage is also from a chemical reaction (again another topic for later) you might also need a clarifying shampoo to use periodically.

If your hair is dry and frizzy look towards a moisturizing shampoo, unless you have an oily scalp. If the scalp is oily and the hair is dry then treat the scalp and deep condition your ends. Just make sure the shampoo isn't causing more issues with the hair.

Are you beginning to understand why I say "Ask your stylist"

Finally, for my blonde sisters, Purple shampoos are great but they can be overdone and drying to the hair if used too often. Plus if you are someone who needs a warm blonde then back away from the purple shampoo. Purple shampoo also only works if your hair is yellow. Go back to art class Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel. If your hair is more "brassy" or "orange" see if you can find a blue shampoo as blue is opposite orange on the wheel.

Hair Loss Shampoos

Hair loss Shampoo

I want to talk a little bit on hair loss shampoos. There are many products out there that claim to make your hair grow. Unless you need a DHT blocker and only your Doctor/Dermatologist can determine that for certain, these shampoos will not make your hair grow back.

So why do so many women say these shampoos made their hair stronger and thicker? A couple of things.

  1. They do actually have male pattern baldness and needed a DHT blocker.

  2. They are finally using a good shampoo and taking better care of their hair.

  3. They were going through something that made them lose hair that was going to grow back anyway.

Unfortunately, I really feel some brands are taking advantage of women and the lack of education as to why we lose hair and what helps. I had a client recently who lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, so exciting and so happy for her. But in the process of a quick weight loss, she had the side effect of hair loss. Her hair has grown back without the use of special shampoos. This reminds me how much I need to keep writing and educating my clients on this topic and why I was learning about Trichology (the study of hair loss).

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So What Shampoo Is Right For Your Hair Type

My quick and easy answer is to always ask your hairstylist first. They can help you weigh through what is going on with your scalp and hair. They will also be the first to let you know if you need a diagnosis from a Dermatologist. Ask your Hairstylist and if they carry what you need support them and buy it from them, not Amazon or Ulta.

What do I recommend?

Most of my clients are using either Innersence Organic Beauty, Prive, Curl Cult, or Olaplex. I look at what their needs are, maybe ask if they have scents they like or don't like and then we choose the best one for them amongst these lines.

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