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How Much Is Too Much Hair Loss

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

One of the most asked questions in the salon by clients is about hair loss. This is also one of the biggest concerns, even more so than going grey. It is easy to change the color of someone's hair but reversing and stopping hair loss involves a lot more work, commitment, and tug on the wallet.

There are many reasons why you could be losing your hair, but let's remember that on average you lose about 150 hairs per day.

So the question to be asked is...Are you really losing more hair or do you notice it more lately?

During Covid, we were seeing lots of people skipping regular salon visits to keep those locks healthy. You may also be using some not-so-great products because your budget has changed. Improper care of your hair can in time cause issues that may result in you seeing more hair loss due to breakage or clogged follicles.

Another reason you may be seeing extra hair loss is how you wear your hair. If your hair is longer now than it used to be, well, then the strands are longer that fall out which makes them more noticeable. If you have started wearing your hair up more than before... a couple of things could be happening.

Putting hair up when wet can cause breakage, especially if you are making it too tight. When the hair dries it expands and if it can't expand it breaks.

Another drawback to wearing your hair up is that your hair is not able to shed throughout the day the same way as when it is down, so when you let it down and brush it out you will notice more hair.

Finally, our hair changes as we get older and go through hormonal changes. So with that sometimes not only do we lose our childhood blonde but we may also go from straight to curly or coarse to fine textures, all of which can change the perception of how much hair we may or may not have on our head. Dark coarse curly hair appears thicker than light straight fine hair. So if your grey is coming in white and fine it may appear thinner.

If you are seeing a lot of hair falling but not noticing an actual difference in the feel of density then you probably have nothing to worry about. If you are still worried we can discuss it at your next visit and start taking photos of your scalp to see if there is a visible difference between appointments.

And of course, there is nothing wrong with taking preventative actions to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Start by scheduling regular scalp detoxes to remove any mineral or product buildup that can be blocking your follicles, my recommendation is a minimum of every 6 months. Then we can discuss getting you using the right hair care products for you.

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