How Much Is Too Much Hair Loss

Lately this seems to be a topic of discussion. Both in the salon and on social media. Why am I loosing so much hair?

There are many reasons as to why you are losing your hair. But let's remember that on average you loose about 150 hairs per day.

So the question to be asked is...Are you really loosing more hair or do you just notice it more lately?

With Covid we are seeing lots of people skipping the regular salon visits to keep those locks healthy. We may also be using some not so great products because our budget has changed. Improper care of your hair can in time cause issues that may result in your seeing more hair loss due to breakage or clogged follicles.

Another reason why we are seeing extra hair loss is many of us are wearing our hair up more. When your hair is up, you are not allowing for natural fall throughout the day. So of course when you let your hair down and comb it out it will seem like your loosing a ton of hair.

Going back to the not so regular visits to the salon, your hair also may be longer now. Longer hair doesn't shed more but sure is noticeable when it does. Have you ever found a hair from your husband? Probably not unless he wears it long. Short hair still sheds but is often not long enough to notice.

If you are seeing a lot of hair falling but not noticing an actual difference in the feel of density then you probably have nothing to worry about.

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