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Below are some of the common questions we are emailed about.

  1.  We found you listed on the Strands For TransYes everyone who works at This Hair Place is more than willing to have you in their chair. Please feel free to schedule an appointment just like any other guest, as we treat everyone the same.

  2. Do you work with WIG's for Kids?  Yes, We would be happy to help you donate your hair to such a great cause. Wigs for Kids ask that you send your hair in, but we are all trained in how the organization wants the hair cut off, how much, and in what condition. If you have more questions about Wigs for Kids, check out their site here.

  3. How do I schedule an appointment? We make this super simple. Each barber and stylist has their own booking site that will walk you through booking your next appointment. The great thing about this is that you do not need to wait for us to be here to book it. Yes, you can be thinking about your hair at 6 am and go online and schedule an appointment.

  4.  Do you take walk-ins?  We are an appointment salon and barbershop. We have decided to keep it that way to help keep down the number of guests in our business so that everyone feels safe. We also do our best to ensure that the time you are with us is dedicated to you by not answering the phone and having to step away to schedule appointments for others. This is why we encourage the online booking option or pre-booking your next appointment. 

  5. What are your business hours? Because we are all independent and work off appointments, our hours vary. You will be able to see our current availability on our booking sites here.

  6. What do you charge for...? Because we are all independent, we all have different prices and services that we offer. For the most accurate prices, go onto our booking systems or feel free to set up a consult. 

  7. Wedding hair and make-up: We do not offer these services.

  8. Do I need to wear a mask?  At this time, we are not asking anyone to mask up while in our salon/barbershop. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, we respect that and will do our best to work around it. I suggest wearing a disposable one that only goes over the ears. Masks that tie in the back can interfere with your haircut. 

  9. What is your cancelation policy?  We understand that sometimes things come up. We ask that you always give us 24 hours notice of canceling your appointment.  Less than 24 hours or completely no-showing your appointment can result in fees, and/or inability to schedule future appointments. Always check with your Barber or Stylist about his/her policy.

If you have any other questions, please submit them here. 

Questions will be answered when we are in the salon, typically Tuesday - Saturday. We look for ward to see you at your next appointment. 

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