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Hair Detox...what is it and why do you need it?

Do you know that build-up is one of the top reasons your hair could be feeling dull, frizzy, or just not behaving the way you want it to?

Let's talk about all the various types of build-up that your hair could be experiencing and what complications can arise that leave you feeling not so in love with your hair,

Most people think of build-up coming from styling products but this is not the only form of build-up that happens to our hair.

Though yes, styling products can cause build-up, most styling products can be removed from a basic clarifying shampoo you can purchase for yourself. I am talking about the type of build-up that actually lives in the hair itself. This build-up is the culprit for so many things going wrong with our hair.

Medications: If you have been put under anesthesia recently or on a lot of medications these can build up in the hair and cause problems such as frizzing, drying, and breaking your hair. Our hair is fed through our bloodstream so anything we take in essentially comes out through our hair. Because of this, medication is the hardest build-up to get out of the hair, It has actually become the makeup of your hair and is there until it is cut off. The good news is with proper maintenance trims and deep conditioning treatments you can help reduce the effects of medication build-up in your hair.

Chlorine And Salt Water: I want to group these into one because they are often found in the same activity, swimming. If you are spending any time in the pool or out in the ocean you have either a build-up of Chlorine or Salt in your hair. Our first sign that someone has one of these is an unnatural shine to the hair, even more so than the color. This hair can also be very hard to comb out and when we go to cut it, our scissors actually have a difficult time giving a clean line. And if you think that only blondes turn green... think again... I have actually witnessed someone with brown hair that had green ends from swimming.

Minerals/Hard Water: If you are on a well or live in one of the states that battle hard water you most certainly have a build-up of minerals in your hair. different minerals leave different deposits that can adversely affect the color and condition of your hair.

Some minerals can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle or create that unsightly frizz in your curls. By detoxing your hair you could see a bounce back in your curls and find yourself using fewer products to control frizz

Other minerals cause your hair to hold onto warm tones, making it hard to lift your hair to a clean blonde or feeling like no matter what your stylist does your hair turns "red" or "orange" between color services. These same minerals can also cause the color to fade, grey to not cover, and uneven processing. Detoxing your hair before color and perm services can help achieve more desirable results that last longer.

One final note when it comes to minerals in your hair and probably one of the scariest is some minerals can have an adverse reaction to chemicals used to perm and lighten your hair. Did you know most chemical burns are not because a stylist actually did anything wrong, it is because there was a chemical reaction between the product and the mineral or level of chlorine in the hair before the service was performed that had not been removed.

One of the things I suggest all my well water clients do is install a shower head with a filter. This will help control some but not all. But the best thing for everyone is to come in periodically, especially before a chemical service, and have their hair detoxed. For some, this can be a same-day service.

Check out this site that lists where the hardest water is in the US. If you have visited any of these states between your chemical services make sure to schedule a detox appointment with your stylist.

Let's talk about "Hair detox" treatments next time you are in because this simple, low-cost solution, could be just what your hair needs.

Hair detox usually takes about 20 minutes and is less than half the price of a color service, which will help with your hair color, health, and the ability to style your hair by ensuring that your hair care products are able to work effectively.

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