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10 Essential Tips for Healthy Hair

10 essential tips for healthy hair

All year long our hair is exposed to different things that cause damage to the hair. Let's go over ways to prevent or minimize the damage with these 10 essential tips for healthy hair.

Tip 1: Heat Protection

Heat protection is the number 1 thing to maintain healthy hair

I can never stress enough the importance of Heat Protection for your hair. If you have followed me for any length of time I am sure you have seen the posts or had the conversation in my chair. Heat doesn't just come from hot tools like blow dryers and flat irons. Heat also comes from some of our daily activities at home and at work. Think about all the hot items you may be around during the day and you can bet it may be causing heat damage to your hair.

Tip 2: Detox Treatment

detox treatments for your hair help remove build up that causes damage

Unless you have a filter on your showerhead or water heater you are depositing some sort of mineral or chlorine into your hair every time you shower. Coming into the salon for regular detox treatments can help remove these chemicals from your hair. Styling products along with some brands of shampoos and conditioners can also leave a build-up on the hair.

If you are battling any type of frizz in your hair, your hair is feeling weighed down, it's lost its natural shine. it has too much shine, it just doesn't feel healthy can all be signs that you need to come in for a Detox Treatment with your stylist. Of course, I also recommend you have one done 3-4 times a year if you color your hair and when you get back from traveling.

Tip 3: Satin Pillowcases and Bonnets

Sleep with Satin pillow cases for healthy frizz free hair

Ok, so this is a new one for me and one we will talk about more later but my hair has looked so much better in the mornings when I wear a Satin Bonnet or use my Satin Pillow Cases. Most mornings I can just fluff my hair out and go. Plus with no friction because of the satin, I am not causing frizz and damage to my hair while I sleep.

Tip 4: Professional Shampoos

Use professional shampoos recommended by your stylist

Now I am going to say something that is maybe not so popular but, not all "professional" shampoos are created equal. Though I still prefer a professional shampoo over a drug store, some brands of equal quality have chosen not to go the professional route and in my opinion, some professional brands have sold out.

I think most people know and all brands know not to add Sulphates but there are still so many other ingredients, as well the pH of a product that can cause damage to the hair. Personally, I opt for companies that use the European Standard, along with if they are a B corp even better. Then it's time to test out the performance of the products. Currently one of my favorite brands is Innersence Organic Beauty.

Tip 5: Tea Towels

cotton tea towels help keep the hair healthy

Did you know the towels you use on your hair and how you use them could be causing damage? If you have frizzy hair I highly recommend taking tips from the "curly girl" method and pulling out a cotton t-shirt or cotton tea towel for drying your hair. Again we are talking about friction and most towels for our body wreak havoc on our hair. Stop rough-drying your hair with a towel like your grandmother taught you.

Tip 6: Salon Conditioning Treatments.

give your self and your hair a treat with conditioning treatments

Add on in-salon conditioning treatments to your services. Not all hairstylists are great about recommending when you need one, the feel guilty about spending your money, so tell them you want one. Not only are they great for keeping your hair healthy you also deserve the extra pampering your stylist will give you with one. We have so many great treatments out now that it doesn't even have to add a lot of time to your appointment to give your hair the nourishment it desires.

Tip 7: Nutrition

proper nutrition keeps your hair healthy

Have you heard the adage "You are what you eat"? Well, your hair is definitely what you eat. Our hair is fed by our bloodstream, and so what we take into our bodies comes out through our hair. That's why so much can be determined now from hair samples.

I know the go-to is for everyone to up their biotin intake, but most people do not need extra biotin for healthy hair. If you are concerned about a vitamin deficiency have your naturopath practitioner do some testing to see what it is before throwing money on biotin.

Tip 8: Health

Your health determins how healthy your hair is

This goes along with our last tip on nutrition but our overall health plays a huge part in how healthy our hair is. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss it is always due to health in one way or another. Stress, illness, medications, disease, etc. Medications can also be what makes your hair dry and brittle. I know when I went in for surgery my ends felt like someone cinged them with a lighter for almost a year after. I wish at the time we would've thought about detoxing my hair.

Tip 9: Hot Tools

Hot Tool Tips for healthy hair

Whenever a client asks my advice on a brand of hot tools my first thing above anything is that it has a proper heat setting, digital is the best, you need to know the temperature. Most hair types do not need their flat/curling irons to be set at anything higher than 350 degrees. Remember if it's too hot to handle turn it down.

Tip 10: Come In For Regular Haircuts

Come in for regular haircuts for healthy hair

Yes, it is important to come in for regular haircuts. Even if you are growing your hair out it is important that you come in every 10-12 weeks and have 1/4"-1/2" cut off the ends. On average hair grows 1/2" every 4-6 weeks. By coming every 10-12 weeks you are trimming off any bad ends that have been damaged and keeping the hair healthy. It also gets you on a regular schedule to add on the detox and conditioning treatment 1-2 times a year.

Extra Tip For Healthy Hair

If you have been struggling with your hair it is very possible that one if not more of these 10 essential tips will help to fix your problems. My last final tip is when it comes to the advice on your hair always seek out a professional before turning to your friends on FB. Your hairstylist (if you have a regular one, which you should) knows your hair and what to recommend for you.

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