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Which Hair Oil Should I Use?

Some of you may even be thinking "do I even need oil?". Most people need an oil for their hair. Which one will depend on the condition your hair is in.

Why you need oil..... Unless you only washing your hair about once a week. Being good about brushing your hair every day to move the natural oils down. And not doing anything that can cause damage to your hair, you need an oil.

But I don't color my hair..... There are other things that cause damage to your hair. Wind, Chlorine, Salt Water, Sun, work environment etc. So many of our natural elements we are exposed to on a daily bases damage our hair. So even if you have never colored your hair or taken a blowdryer to it, it still is being damaged. 

So what oil should I use? You may read many DYI oil treatments on Pinterest or FB but these are not the ones I am talking about. Professional oils sometimes called "serums" are  your best option. Then from there we look at the condition of your hair to determine if you are good with a basic oil or need a more restorative one.

How to use? Apply while your hair is wet and if needed again when it's dry. Always start with your ends and work your way up the strands. Your ends need the oils the most and you are also less likely to feel greasy after if you start there. 


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