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The Round Face Shape

why does my round face look fat?

Determining your face shape is not always easy, but once you know it and your stylist helps you with hairstyles that flatter it, you will be getting compliments left and right.

So is your face round? Many people think they have a round face when in reality, it may be a chubby oval or an oblong shape. Added weight in the facial area will leave a lot of women thinking their face is round when in fact it's not, especially if they have the wrong haircut.

There are actually many apps that you can find that will help you determine your face shape, make sure you have all your hair pulled back away from your face and the camera is lined up right.

Round-face shapes can carry off some great haircuts which we will get into soon. But let's talk first about what a round face is and isn't.

First off just because your face is round does not make it fat. The wrong haircut can certainly make it appear fat. A round face shape has no angular features and is very feminine looking. So soft, romantic, boho, and lived-in styles work great for this face shape.

Here is an example of what a side part and a little texture can do for a round face. Notice also that with some lighter pieced towards the top we are creating an illusion of a longer face creating it more oval.

If you look at actresses like Gennifer Goodwin and Kate Bosworth, these two are great examples of a round face shape. Though they are such beautiful women they would look great in anything just a little searching on the internet and you will start to see hairstyles that were more flattering than others.

These women can wear short, medium, or long-length haircuts but as you will see there are almost always more attractive in photos where their hair is not blunt or completely smooth. Give them a side part with some texture and wave and suddenly that same haircut looks amazing on them.

  • Angles- make sure to add angles around your face. A side part is an easy way to add angles to a round face shape. Another fun way is an asymmetrical haircut if you are the adventurous type.

  • Texture- This can be done in a couple of ways. If you have the right hair for it a razor cut may just be what you need. Using a curling iron to add a beach wave is another quick way to add some texture. Have you thought about perming? Perms do not have to be the curly hot mess we had in the 80s, so talk to your stylist about adding texture to your hair through perming.

Want to go for a pixie cut? Go for it! This cut will look great on you, especially with a long fringe that goes off to the side, some whispy pieces coming into the face and some texture paste to show off that great razor cut! Yes, if you are going for a pixie and you have a round face I suggest getting a razor cut.

Want to keep your hair long, that's ok too. Just style it up with some waves and a side part, and maybe backcomb your crown a little for some added height. The height will help your face appear a little longer and with the side part and waves your face will start to appear more oval than round.

Still not sure? You could always try out the apps that let you try a hairstyle on but I have never felt those are very accurate. Plus remember, for most of us, hair grows back.

Here is an example of a not-so-great short haircut for someone with a round face. Even though the texture is there you can see with essentially a straight-across fringe her face appears wider making it look fat instead of round. The picture above with a short cut and long side fringe softens and closes off one side of the round face making it appear smaller and a little more oval.

Again here is another example of making the face look fat even with a cut that could be very flattering. The straight-across fringe and the hair lifted away from the face is widening the face instead of slimming it down. Above we saw a similar style with a side part that started to create an oval and slimmer look.

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