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Hairstylist Appreciation Day

You may have heard of this day and wondered why your hairstylist needs a special day. You show your hairstylist appreciation whenever you leave a generous tip or a glowing review. You even show appreciation when you send Aunt Sally in or your best friend Jane who has been struggling to find a stylist to help them with their troublesome locks.

Your hairstylist works hard not only on the day you are in her chair but also to keep herself current on the latest trends and techniques. The beauty industry is constantly changing and a great stylist does her best to keep up with it, within their wheel of expertise.

Your hairstylist has maybe at times come in early, stayed late, or worked through lunch to help you with a last-minute hair emergency. Maybe she even gave you a complimentary conditioning treatment one day because she knew you needed to be spoiled a little.

Most hairstylists aren't even charging you what they should to make sure their bills are paid and food is on the table because they feel guilty charging or raising their prices. Big Corporate salons have cheapened our services leaving many people questioning pricing and then in turn making a hairstylist question what they should be charging. Did you know that most hairstylists in your area are not even making a living wage? This is not a hobby or something we do just for fun. We are all out there trying to support our families and many are single parents.

As a licensed Cosmetologist your hairstylist spent about a year going to school, 5 days a week 8 hours a day. Then upon graduating took both a written and practical exam so they could be one of the few professions actually licensed to touch you. In school, they had to learn the Chemistry of hair and the products we use. Muscle, and bone structures in your head and throughout your body. We even had to learn how to recognize diseases and disorders that could show up on your skin and scalp. Beauty School is not just playing with each other's hair all day and hoping we don't turn it pink like Frenchy in Grease.

As your stylist gets to know you they remember your family trips and when Johnny broke his arm. They also remember the time you were certain you wanted bangs, and then instantly regretted it. They were patient with you every time you decided you wanted to go from platinum blonde back to your natural color only to change your mind at the next appointment. Over time your hairstylist will start to consider you an extension of their tribe, yet know sometimes it is something so simple as a conflict of schedules, one time. that drives you into the chair of another stylist. Shoot we even take you back when you cheat on us.

So why do you need to have an extra day where you bring gifts to your stylist? Well simply you don't, we don't expect it, but we sure do feel loved when you do.

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