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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

For many of us how we feel about our hair affects our self-esteem and sets the tone for how our day will be.

Have you ever woken up to find a bad hair day set in and you are certain the rest of the day is doomed?

Do you watch TV and wonder why your hair can’t always look as good as your favorite news celebrity?

Do you often wish you were able to take your hairstylist home with you?

Are you feeling especially these day’s that your hair has the Covid/Quarantine blues?

How many of us including myself are just throwing it up so there is one less thing in our face while wearing our face masks?

Today and going forward I want to start sharing with you, beyond the time spent in the chair, how you can combat some of these issues mentioned above.

No more feeling like I am doomed to have fine, limp hair or frizzy hair or whatever hair issues you are battling just because it’s a part of your DNA. Yes, DNA is responsible for the color, texture and density of your hair initially, but over time through other outside influences hair can and will change.

For today let’s just stick with a few simple tips to get you going on your way to more “good hair” days.

1. Stick to a healthy life style. It is true, our hair is a direct reflection of what goes on inside our body. So healthy body usually means healthy hair.

2. Sleep with silk pillow cases. I will probably do an entire blog post on why this is a good thing but give it a shot in the meantime and discover for yourself. Besides who doesn’t need a little luxury in their life?

3. The quality of your products do matter. Make sure you are using products recommended by your stylist for your particular hair.

4. Ask your stylist to show you how to style your hair, pay attention to what he/she is using and then make sure you have it.

5. Use the correct combs and brushes for your hair type and style.

6. EVERYONE should be using some type of conditioner in their hair. Again I will do a post specifically to this topic as there are many reasons why.

**Special Tip of the day. For those of you with medium to long length hair, purchase a Wet Comb to have in the shower and one for outside the shower for after you wash your hair. This will really help with combing out the tangles. If you click on the ad below and purchase that comb I will receive compensation from Amazon.

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