Get Your Hair Ready For Summer

I know some days it doesn't feel like it, but we are heading into summer. Is your hair summer ready? Or, are you summer ready for your hair?

The summer months can be very damaging to our hair, not to mention we love to take our gorgeous locks lighter as we get closer to the summer months.

It is now more important than ever to make sure you are stocked up on the best products for your hair.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate... I can not say it enough times. Most problems come for our hair due to a lack of hydration. Making sure you have a great "Moisture" or "Hydrating" shampoo will make a world of difference in the manageability of your hair. And yes, even your fine hair needs to be hydrated.

I love Jack Winn Care because all their shampoos help keep your hair in optimal hydration.

So what is the difference really between these two terms?

Moisturizing products generally have a bit more than hydrating products. Hydrating shampoos are great for even the finest hair textures, where moisturizing shampoos are generally for your more coarse, curly locks that tend to frizz.

Just as we need to hydrate our bodies, we also need to hydrate our hair.

Next, let's talk about some of the activities of summer.

If you love to get in the pool or ocean, you need something to help pull those chemicals and natural minerals out of your hair. The best product for that is the PreTreat from Jack Winn. Spray this all over your hair about 10 minutes before you get in the shower, then shampoo out with your favorite Jack Winn Shampoo.

Are you someone who can't seem to get enough sun? Then stock up on BAM. This humidity and heat protectant will help protect your color and hair from the sun's damage.

All Jack Winn Products can be purchased at Choose between shipping to your house or coordinate with your stylist for pick up.

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