Chi Pro Digital Flat Iron... Is It Worth It?

Ok I am going to answer this one with a quick yes! But if you want to know why then continue reading on.

The Chi Pro G2 Digital is also the one I use in Salon and I have had it for going on 2 years now, so it definitely holds up. I will admit we don't do as much flat ironing as we used to but it still sees more use then it would at home.

One of the things I love about this iron is the heat settings.

If your iron can not tell you how hot it is getting you have the wrong iron. Of Course you can always go by feel, but who really wants to burn their hand on their hair? Yes if your hair is too hot to handle when it comes out of the iron turn it down.

The second thing I love about this iron is the fact it turns off on its own.

How many times have you left home to franticly wonder if you left an iron on, stove, lights etc. Well no worries here. If you forget to turn this off on your way out it will shut off for you.

Third I love that this iron heats up quick.

No need to turn the iron on and do other things while waiting for it to heat up. This iron achieves optimum temps within seconds of turning on, like less than a minute.

Finally as a pro tip, make sure you are using a heat protectant. Of course my favorite are from

Jack Winn Pro.

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